NJ Rose Lawyers are passionate about fighting for your rights and justice. With extensive litigation experience, resolving disputes between parties is our top priority. We assist our clients with settling disputes as quickly and amicably where practical, placing strong emphasis on avoiding litigation if, and when, possible.


NJ Rose Lawyers provides clients from both public and private entities comprehensive commercial law expertise and are committed to achieving effective outcomes, delivered at the highest standard of service.

NJ Rose Lawyers has years of experience advising companies and government sectors and understands the importance of meeting our clients’ needs. Our agile approach to each case is tailored to your specific requirements.


Whether you are buying or selling, NJ Rose Lawyers has all your property and conveyancing needs covered. We understand that conveyancing matters in Queensland require professional handling and our clients need reliable and qualified representation. Contracts and documents are prepared and assessed to ensure our clients rights are covered, with the vital responsibilities for the other parties are addressed and included into your contract.


There is often confusion and uncertainty around Wills. How do you contest a Will? Do you have proper grounds to contest? Have you been unfairly left out of a Will? Do you feel you haven’t received what you deserve from a deceased estate?

In the majority of cases when a person passes away, the executer of their estate will be dealt with in line with the wishes left in the Will (or if there wasn’t a Will, the intestacy laws of the state where the deceased person resided will determine how the property is distributed upon death).

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