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Property & Conveyancing: Service

Property & Conveyancing

Whether you are buying or selling, NJ Rose Lawyers has all your property and conveyancing needs covered.

We can provide reliable and professional service when looking after your conveyancing and property matters. We can assist you in any pre-contractual perusal of your contracts and documents to ensure they are adequately prepared to meet your requirements and protect your rights.

North Lakes Property Lawyers


Our Property and Conveyancing services include:

  • Business conveyances

  • Property related Sales and Purchases:

    • House

    • Land

    • Retirement Villages

    • Farm

  • Titles Office Applications

  • Building Contracts

  • Subdivisions - Development

  • Town Planning related matters

  • Easement Documentation

  • Covenants

  • Disputes Resolution

  • Profit à prendre

  • Leases - Commercial

  • Tenancy - residential

  • Body Corporate

  • Finance

  • Mortgage and Financing Transactions

  • Water licenses




Looking at buying a specific property? Don’t sign on the dotted line yet, as there may be several things that can be negotiated in your favour. You need to be absolutely clear on what your rights and responsibilities are before signing any contracts. Once you are happy to proceed, an offer can then be submitted. The negotiation stage follows, whereby you and the seller will make counter offers.



Looking to sell your house? NJ Rose Lawyers will ensure the contract includes all the appropriate legal terms and conditions of sale, but to also clearly stipulate what items are to be included or excluded from the sale, and any other requirements you wish to specify (such as settlement length, to move-in condition upon seller finding a new property to live in etc.). Contracts can sometimes be tricky, so take the hard work out of selling your property by speaking to an experienced Property Law expert.

Contracts Lawyers North Lakes, Brisbane and surrounding.


We do everything we can do to make the process of buying and selling stress free and easy. Contact NJ Rose Lawyers for more information about our Property and Conveyancing services. Please call 07 3495 0299 or send us an email and we will get back to you.

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